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We are often asked what exactly is a Digital MP3 Record Pool?


To those in the club music industry and DJ's that already are in a Digital MP3 Record Pool, this may seem obvious. But for the many up-and-coming DJs, it's a legitimate question. Many newly established independent record labels look for guidance in understanding the role of Digital MP3 Record Pools as they develop marketing plans for their releases. And even seasoned veterans and DJs will find this mission statement of interest. Who knows, maybe even a few people will gain some positive influences from it! Digital MP3 record pool music & promotions service dj mp3 music pool.

Hopefully, it will also remind record labels, big and small, of the importance Digital MP3 Record Pools play in promoting new music!

What is a Digital MP3 Record Pool?

Who supports a Digital MP3 Record Pool?

Functions performed by a Digital MP3 Record Pool.

Digital MP3 Record Pools can and do break in songs!

What is a Latin DJ Digital MP3 Record Pool?

Our Digital MP3 Record Pool is an association of disc jockeys or music programmers from nightclub, mobile entertainment, and local radio communities. Our Digital MP3 Record Pool offer the most cost-effective means of acquiring current music releases for professional DJ use. Ultimately, the Digital MP3 Record Pool has two goals:

To offer support and encouragement to it's members in achieving their individual pursuits within the music business.

To provide accurate, timely and relevant information to those who provide us the promotional service. Top

Who supports a DJ Digital MP3 Record Pool?

Digital MP3 Record Pools, which are privately owned, not-for-profit organizations, provide a symbiotic relationship in the distribution channel for promotional music materials. The music is provided by the major and independent record labels and/or their authorized promotional/distribution agents for use by our Digital MP3 Record Pool. In return for thier promotional support, we must provide feedback from each of our member music charts and comments, and local radio play list. Top

Functions performed by a Latino Digital MP3 Record Pool.

Functions performed by a Digital MP3 Record Pool are varied. For accountability purposes, our Digital MP3 Record Pool publishes a biannual roster, which describes each member's particular nightclub/employment demographics and professional qualifications. This information identifies which target audience is getting exposure to the promotional material. Additionally, weekly charts plus personal and audience reactions from each member are also collected. Top

Digital MP3 Record Pools can and do break in songs !

Digital MP3 Record Pool can and do break Latin Music in the marketplace and help ignite the careers of some recording artists. For many careers in the music business, a Digital MP3 Record Pool has usually played an integral part as a catalyst in the achievement of career goals for it's own members. Likewise, a Digital MP3 Record Pool with many experienced DJ's can help reduce the learning curve of the new DJs and encourage the development of the music. The various supporting roles that a Digital MP3 Record Pool plays within the community continue to be an essential part of marketing the music. Top